SQUARE-CUP TOP 1.000 ML / 128 x 130 mm / TRANSP.

Item number 00202359
  • MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
  • Nominal volume (ml)1000,00
  • Height (mm)111,50
  • Size on top (L/W) (mm)128,00 x 130,00
  • Size on bottom (L/W) (mm)98,00 x 98,00
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  • MaterialPolypropylene (PP)
  • Nominal volume (ml)1000,00
  • Height (mm)111,50
  • Size on top (L/W) (mm)128,00 x 130,00
  • Size on bottom (L/W) (mm)98,00 x 98,00
  • Volume brimful (ml)1100,00
  • Food proof
  • MikrowaveableLimited use: Heating up to 70 °C for 2 hours or heating up to 100 °C up to 15 minutes.
  • DeepfreezingNo, the best range for use is in between + 5 °C bis + 45 °C
  • Lid includedNo
  • Recyclability100 % recyclable.
  • Temper evident
  • Weight of bucket (g)38,82
  • Packaging unitPcs.
  • Kind of PackagingPE Pouch / Cardboard box
  • Pieces per Box3000
  • Pieces per pallet6000
  • Use within (month)12
  • Temperature rangeThe products are suitable for use between 5°C and + 45°C as standard. The responsibility for use outside this temperature range lies solely with the user.
  • Storage conditionsThe products must be stored in a clean and dry environment at room temperature. Avoid exposing the packaging to UV radiation for a long period of time. This may change the material properties and appearance.
  • Processing instructionsAvoid filling temperatures above 85 °C. If you want to stack hot-filled packs on top of each other, first allow them to cool down to max. + 25 °C.
  • Shipping instructionsMake sufficient transport tests with filled containers. The possible packing quantity per pallet depends on many parameters. Do not use the containers for shipment by parcel service! Liability is fully excluded.
  • Sustainability100 % recyclable (EU Circular Economy Package).
  • Other informationThis article is a disposable packaging product. Any use deviating from this is without exception at the risk of the user.
  • Manufacturer code3000168



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