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    Pay comfortably and

    be safe

Pay safely - pay comfortably

We rely exclusively on secure, reputable and well-known payment processors. This gives YOU and WE the security that nothing will go wrong with this sensitive process.

We are confident that we will be able to make the right choice.


With more than 360 million active users worldwide, PAYPAL is one of the best-known and most trusted payment service providers.

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Pay securely and conveniently with all common CREDIT CARDS. We handle this service via the state-of-the-art and secure platform Mollie.

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Apple Pay

Paying online is easier with Apple Pay. Apple Pay is faster and easier than cards or cash. Privacy and data protection are already built in. Last but not least - Apple Pay is accepted by millions of websites and apps. Apple Pay works on most Apple devices in conjunction with the Safari browser. However, Apple Pay does not work in a Windows environment on a PC or on Android smartphones.

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Klarna instant bank transfer

Pay with SOFORT TRANSFER directly after completing your order with your usual online banking data - simply secure and fast. The payment process starts with the selection of the country and the bank code. Enter your usual online banking access data and confirm the transfer by TAN. We handle this service via the state-of-the-art and secure platform Mollie.

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If you purchase against PREPAYMENT, you will receive a confirmation email with all details about your order and the payment amount immediately after placing your order. Please transfer the final amount to the following account:

Raiffeisenbank im Walgau

IBAN: AT29 3745 8000 0120 5335

Cheque payments are not accepted.

The goods will be delivered after receipt of payment.

Buy know, pay later

Of course you can also buy from us ON INVOICE if the following conditions are met:

  • Your order is not a first order.
  • There are no unpaid invoices at the time of the order.
  • The payment deadline was met for previous orders.
  • A unique identification number is available (VAT, tax, company register number).


We reserve the right at all times not to accept the payment method "purchase on account" in certain cases and instead refer to our other payment methods, e.g. payment via PayPal or prepayment. We ask for your understanding for this security measure. In any case, we ask for punctual payment, as we are unfortunately forced to charge reminder fees and interest on arrears from the second reminder onwards, in order to cover the additional expense this entails for us. Our payment term is 10 days from the date of invoice. Cheque payments will not be accepted.