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    solid and tight

    Cups in many shapes



Optimally packaged.

Our cups are the ideal packaging solution for many products and are also good for our environment.

Their clever design ensures stability and product protection. They are almost waterproof and also guarantee optimum utilisation of your storage and transport space.


    Thanks to this plastic packaging, it is possible to significantly extend the shelf life of food and effectively deliver it to consumers. They are also hygienic and therefore comply with all legal requirements and guidelines. Many cups can be individually printed with In-Mould-Labelling (IML). For more information, click here.

    All cups are 100% recyclable.

    Additional Information

    You can have many cups decorated with your print image from a certain minimum production quantity. The minimum quantities and prices are available on request. Cups with lids, often also called plastic cups, plastic cans, packaging cups, rectangular cups or round cups, are the optimal packaging for a wide variety of products. Plastic cups with lids are available in round, square or oval, often in the colours white, transparent. The majority of our cups are food-safe and therefore approved for direct contact with food. Find cups round, cups square (rectangular cups), leak-proof cups, sustainable cups, stackable cups, transparent cups, cups made of polypropylene, stable cups or cups with tamper-evident closure (also called safety closure, guarantee closure or first-opening seal). Many plastic cups with lids can be ordered with white lids, coloured lids or transparent lids. Very common are 30 ml cups, 50 ml cups 125 ml cups, 250 ml cups, 500 ml cups, 750 ml cups 870 ml cups, 1000 ml cups. You can find our plastic jars with lids round, square or oval. The plastic cups with lids are easily stackable, stable, leak-proof and suitable for hot filling or heating in the microwave. You will also find white cups, cups with lids, stackable cups, plastic cups with lids, stable plastic cups, colourful plastic cups, transparent plastic cups or aroma-proof plastic jars. We have the suitable cups with lids (plastic cups with lids or plastic cups with lids) from injection moulding production for you. Our plastic cups with lids (also called plastic cans with lids, packaging cups with lids, rectangular cups with lids or plastic cups with lids) are made of mono-material and are fully recyclable (100% recyclable). Cups with lids, plastic cups with lids or plastic cups with lids can thus be counted among sustainable packaging.