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BUCKETS - Power & Hygiene - Plastic  perfectly and ecologically used.

It does not matter wheter you want to pack food, animal food, paint, chemical-technical goods, toys or completely different items, you can protect, transport and present your goods in the best possible way. 


Thanks to plastic-packaging it is possible to extend shelf life of food tremendiously and enables a safe transport to consumers. This type of packaging is a hygienic solution and of course conform to all EU directives regarding packaging materials dedicated to come in direct contact with food. Furthermore most of the offered buckets are printable.  Check it out here!

All buckets can be 100 % recycled!

Additional Information

We can print on most buckets. Just ask us about it. Minimum quantities and prices are available on request. Buckets with lids, often called tubs (or tubs with lids), are the optimal packaging for a wide variety of products. Buckets with lids are available in round, square or oval, in the colours white, transparent, red, yellow, green, black (colourful buckets and lids).

The majority of our buckets are food-safe and therefore approved for direct contact with food. You will find square buckets, food-safe buckets, transparent buckets and white buckets. Many models have either plastic or metal handles. Very common are 5 litre buckets and 10 L buckets, but also 1 litre bucket, 2,5 litre bucket, 12 litre bucket, 15 litre bucket, 18 litre bucket, 20 litre bucket, 33 litre bucket are asked for by many customers.

The buckets are stackable, stable, leak-proof and suitable for warm filling. You can also find buckets or plastic buckets with lids, buckets or plastic buckets square, buckets or plastic buckets round, buckets or plastic buckets oval, buckets or plastic buckets white, buckets or plastic buckets transparent, buckets or plastic buckets food safe, buckets or plastic buckets made of plastic. We have the suitable buckets (tubs) (from injection moulding production) for you.

Even if you are looking for plastic buckets with lids, plastic buckets square, plastic buckets food-safe, plastic buckets round, plastic buckets oval or plastic buckets for hot filling, you are exactly right at the bucket and cup professional - the professional shop of Bikapack. Our buckets with lids (also called tubs or plastic buckets) usually have a tamper-evident closure (also called a safety closure or safety seal). For some models we also offer a sealing lid. Only with these lids can the buckets be sealed with foil.

Our buckets with lids (also called buckets with lids or plastic buckets with lids) are made of mono-material and are fully recyclable (100% recyclable). Buckets with lids or buckets with lids or plastic buckets with lids can therefore be counted among sustainable packaging without a doubt.



You will find the applicable symbols in the product illustration of the products!