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    Save space and money



Use 100% space - reduce costs at the same time. Simply clever!

LOGIFLEX are THE insert boxes for E2 crates. The modular stacking container system is characterised by a waterproof and almost oil-tight closure system. With the LOGIFLEX system, you make full use of the available space in E2 crates and other transport containers in the 400 x 600 mm format. This is exactly why LOGIFLEX is your optimal and space-saving solution for storing and transporting your products. The filled E2 crates can be stacked perfectly, your storage capacity almost doubled and the required freight capacity halved.

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Space is money! That's why with LOGIFLEX we finally offer a system that fills the available space in E2 crates or the common cardboard boxes in the 600 x 400 mm format without gaps. These rectangular containers also feature a water- and oil-tight closure system.


Logiflex is almost like playing Lego - very simple and just as beautiful! Whether you need to fill the E2 boxes with just one size, or fit all 5 sizes in one box.

Possible pack quantity per E2 crate:

-> Logiflex 660 ml: 40 pcs/crate (8 pcs/layer, 5 layers/crate)

-> Logiflex 1150 ml: 24 pcs/box (8 pcs/layer, 3 layers/box)

-> Logiflex 1700 ml: 16 pcs/box (8 pcs/layer, 2 layers/box)

-> Logiflex 2400 ml: 8 pcs./crate (8 pcs./layer, 1 layer/crate)

-> Logiflex 3300 ml: 8 pcs./crate (8 pcs./layer, 1 layer/crate)

-> Logiflex 5700 ml: 4 pcs./crate (4 pcs./layer, 1 layer/crate)