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Practically, clear and everything at a glance!

These storage boxes are food-safe and are perfect for short-term storage of food and pharmaceutical products or long-term storage of nonfood- products, such as toys and spare parts and similar items - or just about anything!


All storage boxes are safe for usage in freezer and microwave. We offer volumes from 1.75 litres up to 22 litres. The boxes are stable. The lid can be closed by the handles on both sides of the container. The storage boxes are made of impact-resistant polypropylene and can be stacked inside each other to save space.

All storage boxes are 100% recyclable.

  1. 101374-0.jpg

    BikaBox - Storage Box with Lid 1,75 L

    Item No.: 101374
    Prices starting from €2.035
  2. 101375-0.jpg

    BikaBox - Storage Box with Lid 3 L

    Item No.: 101375
    Prices starting from €2.584
  3. 101380-0.jpg

    BikaBox - Storage Box with Lid 4 L

    Item No.: 101380
    Prices starting from €4.185
  4. 101376-0.jpg

    BikaBox - Storage Box with Lid 5 L

    Item No.: 101376
    Prices starting from €4.139
  5. 101377-0.jpg

    BikaBox - Storage Box with Lid 8,5 L

    Item No.: 101377
    Prices starting from €5.979
  6. 101381-0.jpg

    BikaBox - Storage Box with Lid 10 L

    Item No.: 101381
    Prices starting from €7.420
  7. 101378-0.jpg

    BikaBox - Storage Box with Lid 13,7 L

    Item No.: 101378
    Prices starting from €9.135
  8. 101379-0.jpg

    BikaBox - Storage Box with Lid 22 L

    Item No.: 101379
    Prices starting from €12.050

Additional Information

Simply good: freezer-safe | microwave-safe | 1.75 to 22 liters | lids can be securely closed with bow handles on both sides | stackable with lids on top of each other | stackable inside each other when empty and without lids to save space | made of impact-resistant polypropylene | 100% recyclable