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    For you.
    Motivated and unique

    That's how we are

Committed and unique - that's how we are

Perfect products require perfect packaging. And that's why we only settle for the highest quality. In the packaging and in the service.

Since the founding of BIKAPACK in 2008, the highest quality of our plastic packaging, commitment to and for the customer as well as transparency and personal advice and support for your projects have always been at the forefront of our activities.

To prove and "live" all this on a daily basis requires a great deal of specialist knowledge and industry expertise.

Without curiosity about new aspects of the environment, production and further developments in the world of plastics, the recognition of a wide variety of customer needs, we would not be where we are today with pride.

To make sure that you are in perfect hands with us at all times is the most important thing for my team and me! We call this trust, respect and joy - a cooperation between professionals.

We are proud of that.

Your Karl Bickel

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    1700 sqm
    Contemporary and sustainable


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    2.100 pallets
    New narrow aisle - warehouse

    Ready for delivery!

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    efficient work flows


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    creative meetings

    With style

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