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    LESS CO2


Bucket made from recycled plastic

Environmental and climate protection are becoming increasingly important for consumers. And the topic of resource conservation is also very important to us. That's why a large proportion of the plastic granulate we use comes directly from the Yellow Bag and ends up there again. This closes the raw material cycle completely. Please note that these buckets vary in colour from production to production and may have visible inclusions. These buckets are perfect for fertilisers, cleaning agents, paints, construction chemicals and many similar products. They are not yet suitable for food and animal feed due to current legislation.

This packaging is designed in such a way that it can be safely identified as a recyclable material in waste sorting and thus reprocessed into granulate. They are therefore not incinerated, which reduces CO2 emissions and significantly reduces the consumption of fossil resources.

The buckets in the Re90 series have even been RECYCLASS certified since 2023!

All buckets in this range are made from 60 or 90 per cent recycled material and are 100% recyclable.

Additional Information

Order our RecyBased plastic buckets with lids, or order the buckets without lids.