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    LESS CO2


Buckets made from recycled plastic - Smart. Logical. Necessary.

Environmental and climate protection are becoming increasingly important for consumers - for us too.

That's why the bigger part of the plasticresins which is used to manufacture this products comes directly from the housholds "yellow bag" or similar collection bins and ends up there again.

This way, the raw material cycle is completely closed and we all make an important contribution to our environment and our climate.

Good to know!
This packaging is designed in such a way that it can be reliably identified as a material in waste sorting and can thus be reprocessed into plastic granulate. This can significantly reduce the consumption of fossil resources.

RECYCLASS certified since 2023

All buckets are made from 60 % to 90 % recycling materials and all are 100% recyclable .


Additional Information

Order our RecyBased plastic buckets with lids, or order the buckets without lids.