Are the containers leak-proof?

The containers close very well thanks to a sophisticated design and precise mould technology.

Due to the softer materials used and the manufacturing technology, production-related differences in the tightness of the containers cannot be completely ruled out.

In any case, please always ensure that the snap-on edges are absolutely dry when fitting the lid.

If there is already liquid between the lid and the snap-on edge, a so-called bridge may form and liquid may leak out.

Oil and oily marinades are problematic and even the smallest amounts between the lower and upper part can lead to leaks.

Oil also has a tendency to flow into even the smallest cracks, which can lead to leaking packs.

Such an application is at the sole risk of the filler.

If you need 100% liquid-tight packaging, there is no way around a (film) seal.

Important tip: Always carry out sufficient tests along the entire process chain to ensure that the buckets and cups are suitable for your application.

In this context, please also note that our standard containers are not gas-tight and are therefore not suitable for modified atmosphere packaging. If you have any questions, simply call us on T +43 5522 21007-0.