What is the thermoforming process?

In this process, the film is fed into the thermoforming system from large rolls at the edges of the film web in so-called spiked chains.

The film, which is still hard and cold, is first fed into the forming machine and then passed through in cycles.

The film is heated in a warming station. The now softer film is transported to the mould station. In the mould station, the film is held in place by a clamping frame, the pre-stretcher and the thermoforming tool pass through the film level and roughly define the finished contour.

Compressed air is then applied from one side and vacuum from the other to bring the film quickly and firmly to the water-cooled wall (contour) of the aluminium forming tool.

The air escapes through 0.5 to 0.8 mm small holes and/or 0.2 to 0.3 mm wide slits between the film and the aluminium tool.

The cooled, now solid film is separated from the moulding tool and fed to the punching station in the next work cycle. There, the outer dimensions or holes are punched into the finished workpiece using a steel rule cut.