Analysis and testing - Plastic containers for laboratories

Our injection moulded packaging is used by many laboratories, testing institutes and universities for their analysis, research and testing. Discover the variety of our containers today and optimise your processes for maximum efficiency and productivity.

Additional Information

PP injection moulded PP containers have long since found their way into many universities, laboratories and testing institutes as they offer significant advantages:

1. safe storage of samples:

Our injection-moulded packaging offers a safe and reliable storage solution for samples and materials in laboratories and testing institutes. Thanks to their robust and leak-proof design, they protect sensitive samples from contamination and damage.

2. user-friendly handling and storage:

Thanks to their stackable and space-saving design, our containers enable efficient handling and storage of samples and materials in laboratories and universities. This allows you to optimise the use of your laboratory space and improve your work processes.

3. dosing and labelling:

Our packaging enables good dosing and labelling of samples and materials, which is particularly important for research projects and test procedures. With clearly labelled packaging, you can quickly identify samples and minimise errors.

4. Long-term storage of materials:

Thanks to their robust properties, our injection-moulded packaging protects materials and samples from external influences such as moisture, light and air. This ensures long-term storage and preservation of material integrity for future examinations and analyses.

5. The right solution for many requirements:

Our packaging can be easily customised to suit various requirements and applications in laboratories, testing institutes and universities. You will find a suitable solution here for many chemical samples and retained samples.

6. Environmentally friendly materials: We focus on environmentally friendly packaging materials and offer injection-moulded packaging made from recyclable or biodegradable materials. Choose our packaging and actively contribute to environmental protection while achieving your research goals.