Top packaging for bakery and confectionery products

Many bakeries would be unthinkable without the attractive injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging. They protect and present your valuable products at the same time.

Additional Information

The use of injection-moulded packaging and thermoformed packaging in bakeries offers various advantages and is used for different purposes.

Injection-moulded packaging is usually made of plastic and offers a high level of robustness, which makes it possible to transport delicate baked goods such as cakes, tarts or fine pastries safely without damaging them.

They offer a wide variety of shapes, as the injection moulding process allows packaging to be produced in different shapes and sizes to meet the needs of a wide range of bakery businesses. They can therefore be used to package, protect and transport a wide range of products.

There are also numerous customisation options. Injection-moulded packaging can be easily adapted to the specific requirements of a bakery, including the addition of brand logos, product information or other customer-specific details, for example with a brilliant IML decoration.

Thermoform packaging is often made of transparent plastic, which allows customers to see the baked goods directly, increasing the appeal and making it possible to visually assess the quality of the products.

Both types help to preserve freshness and offer good protection against moisture, oxygen and other external influences, helping to maintain the freshness and quality of baked goods over a longer period of time. They are also characterised by good stackability.

Due to their stable shape and structure, injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging can usually be stacked, which makes storage and transport easier and saves space. Both injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging are used in bakeries. Injection-moulded packaging is often better suited to more robust baked goods, while thermoformed packaging can be used for lighter products. An attractive presentation and longer freshness is guaranteed in both cases!