Top containers for the production of casings

Discover our PP buckets for casing and artificial casing production! Robust, hygienic and customised for you as a supplier to the sausage industry. Optimise your deliveries today!

Additional Information

The use of PP buckets (polypropylene buckets) in the production of casings and artificial casings, which are used in sausage production, offers various advantages such as hygienic storage and transport processes. PP buckets offer a hygienic way to store and transport casings and artificial casings during the production process.

Polypropylene is generally a material that is easy to clean and does not absorb unwanted odours or flavours, which also helps to preserve the quality of the sausage products later in the process.

They offer robustness and versatile protection. PP buckets are robust and resistant to impact and mechanical stress, which is important to protect the delicate casings and artificial casings from damage. This is particularly important during transport and handling in the production facility. Buckets guarantee easy handling. Due to their design and material, PP buckets are easy to handle and stack. This facilitates storage and transport in the production facility and optimises the available space. These products are also characterised by a high degree of adaptability. PP buckets can be produced in different sizes to meet the requirements of the production companies. They can also be equipped with locking mechanisms to ensure safe storage and prevent liquids from leaking in the best possible way.

Our buckets are also characterised by their environmental friendliness. Polypropylene is a recyclable material. This means that PP buckets can be recycled after use. This contributes significantly to a reduction in waste, which is why they can rightly be described as environmentally friendly.

Overall, PP buckets offer a practical and efficient solution for the storage, transport and protection of casings and artificial casings during production through to sausage products. They help to maintain product quality and hygiene standards and facilitate operational processes in casing production.