Perfect helpers in gardening and landscaping

We are pleased to present a wide range of packaging solutions that are specially tailored to the needs of gardeners and landscapers. Our recycling buckets are particularly interesting for customers with this application.

Additional Information

Many advantages also for gardeners and landscapers:

1. robust transport containers:

Our containers are hard-wearing and offer ideal protection for your tools, materials, fertilisers or plants during transport and storage.

2. practical planters:

Many containers are also used as planters. They are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing and ideal for displaying your plants in the garden or on construction sites.

3. environmentally friendly recycled buckets:

Our recycling buckets are not only practical, but also sustainable and help your customers to become active in the area of sustainability.

Discover our wide range of packaging options today and be inspired by our section for gardeners and landscapers! We are here to help you successfully realise your projects and contribute to environmental protection at the same time.