Packaging material for gastronomy and catering

Welcome to our section for gastronomy and catering! Discover high-quality injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging specially designed to meet the requirements of restaurants, hotels, catering companies and other food service businesses. Optimise your kitchen processes, ensure the quality of your food and strengthen your brand with our practical and reliable packaging solutions.

Additional Information

Injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging offers many advantages, especially for our customers in the restaurant and catering sector:

1. efficient storage and transport:

The robust and stackable injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging enables efficient storage and safe transport of food, which is particularly important for catering companies and restaurants that handle large quantities of food

2. practical handling:

The packaging is easy to open, resealable and offers simple portioning, which optimises workflows in the kitchen and saves time.

3. product protection:

The packaging provides good protection for the food by insulating it from external influences such as air and moisture, which extends the shelf life of the products and reduces food waste.

4. Customisation options:

Injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging can be customised to meet specific size, shape and branding requirements, enabling individual presentation of food and reinforcing brand identity.

5. Hygienic protection:

The packaging provides hygienic protection for the food by protecting it from contamination during transport and storage, which ensures food safety and strengthens customer confidence.

6th sustainability:

Modern injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging can be made from recyclable materials, reducing the environmental footprint of food service and catering businesses and meeting increasing consumer demands for sustainability.

All these benefits make injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging an optimal choice for foodservice and catering customers looking for reliable, practical and customisable packaging solutions to run their operations efficiently and satisfy their customers.