Ideal for milk and dairy products!

Simply perfect: injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging for dairy product processors. Our high-quality packaging solutions offer an ideal combination of freshness preservation, efficiency and hygiene to successfully position your products on the market.

Additional Information

The most important benefits for you as a manufacturer of dairy products:

1. product protection:

Our injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging protects dairy products from external influences such as light, air and bacteria, which preserves the freshness and quality of the products and extends their shelf life.

2. versatility: Injection-moulded and thermoformed packaging is available in many different shapes and sizes. You are sure to find suitable packaging that ensures an optimum fit and presentation for your products, whether they are yoghurt pots, cheese portions or other dairy products.

3. attractive design and printing:

The attractive design and photorealistic printability enable dairy processors to present their products attractively in the packaging and strengthen their brand identity to stand out from the competition.

4. Consumer-friendly: The packaging is easy to open, resealable and offers convenient portioning, which increases ease of use and consumer satisfaction, especially for use in the home.

5. Protection, hygiene and food safety:

The packaging provides hygienic protection for the contents by protecting them from contamination during transport and storage, which ensures food safety and increases consumer confidence.

6. Ecologically excellent: These modern injection-moulded and thermoformed packs are made from mono-materials and are therefore particularly easy to recycle. This makes them a truly environmentally friendly packaging option.