Perfect packaging for food supplements

Our injection-moulded packaging is an ideal choice for food supplement manufacturers looking for reliable, safe and appealing packaging solutions to successfully position their products on the market.

Additional Information

Below you will find lots of interesting facts about the packaging in this section.

1. Safety and integrity:

Injection-moulded packaging offers a high level of safety and integrity for food supplements by protecting them from external influences such as moisture, oxidation and pests. This ensures that the products retain their effectiveness and quality long after purchase.

2. recognisability: Through the well-chosen use of similar injection-moulded packaging in different sizes and filling volumes, manufacturers can achieve a high recognition value. This increases confidence in the quality and reliability of the product across the entire range.

3. visibility and transparency:

The outstanding transparent properties of our injection-moulded packaging allow consumers to see the product before they buy it. This creates trust and credibility in the product and enables consumers to make informed purchasing decisions.

4. Longer shelf life: Due to its protective properties, injection-moulded packaging can help to extend the shelf life of food supplements. By minimising moisture, light and air in the packaging, the product stays fresh and effective for longer.

5. Many different shapes and sizes: Our stock range is characterised by a large number of different shapes and sizes. This offers you as a bottler a high degree of flexibility in the design and marketing of your products.

6. Outstanding advertising opportunities: Customised branding and in-mould labelling make injection-moulded packaging an excellent way to strengthen brand identity and market products effectively. Increase the success of your brand. Ask us about the minimum quantities for your customised branding.